Finding the Right HR 'Fit' For Your Business

By Omolola Egunwale | 1 min read
3rd August 2018
Finding the Right HR 'Fit' For Your Business

"Human Resources isn't a thing we do. It's the thing that runs our business."

Steve Wynn.

In the traditional setting of business operations, the role of HR, Technology and Marketing is seldom combined. But with the rapid transformation of business processes, many business owners and entrepreneurs have begun to realize that integration of technology into their business and HR processes will help them achieve more with less.

In recent years, the role of HR has also evolved significantly. This implies that attracting, engaging and retaining top talents has become a priority for business owners and other entrepreneurs with global brands; hence, the concern for recruiting and keeping highly skilled and performing person(s) who fit within their organizational culture.

As an entrepreneur, ensuring employees 'fit' mean that your business brand knows why 'they' matter to your growth and sustainability.  

Now, how do you find the right 'personnel-fit' for your business?

1. Ask yourself: Is my company an employee brand? Would the best of skills and talent be willing to build a life-time career in my company?

2. Always be clear and consistent in communicating the authenticity of your brand experience with your Human Resources. Ensure that you keep all your employee promises, because this will increase the likelihood that they will develop into long-term, high-producing team members.

3. Align your organizations value, needs and wants with the people you are looking to recruit and retain.

4. As an employer brand, where top talents are eager to engage with, keep your brand constantly updated with applicable policies and functioning business systems.

5. Finally on this, do not work in isolation. Engaging and partnering with marketing and technology experts will give your brand a quantum leap.

Creating an employee experience that markets your brand is key to growth and sustainability.

Omolola Egunwale
Omolola Elsie Egunwale is the Founder of CHEN School of Business.The Co-founder of DHELC Business Solutions, an IT firm. An innovative, dynamic entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in Human Resources and business development. She holds a degree in Information Resources Management, Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria. Her unique but professional style of business and human capacity development has effectively produced results with several corporate and individual clients. She is a member of various professional and entrepreneurship associations. She enjoys traveling, writing, reading, researching and brain storming. She is NIM certified, HRM trained and a product of CBN-EDC southwest region entrepreneurship program. She has worked with several business organisations in both the financial and security sector as a business developer. Her heartbeat for people development propelled her into starting her Human capacity development and entrepreneurship journey as a human capacity developer, facilitator, trainer and researcher.
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