Start-up Ecosystem Guide for Lagos State

By Kingsley Effiong | 1 min read
21st November 2017
Start-up Ecosystem Guide for Lagos State

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One of the major challenges entrepreneurs face when starting or trying to grow a business is the knowledge gap that exists with regards to knowing where to find what and how. The Ecosystem Start-up Guide for Lagos State provides information on:

Where to Look First: Association of Micro Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Association of Small Business Owners of Nigeria, CBN-EDC etc are some of the places among others in Lagos State that entrepreneurs can typically visit or look first when starting a business or looking for information to scale their businesses. This resource is useful if you are considering a business idea or already begun your entrepreneurship journey.

Business Support & Mentoring: Your search for where to look for business support in Lagos State just got easier as this resource lists Business Development Service Providers such as Accounting Hub, Leadpath NigeriaFATE Foundation, SMEDAN, WimBizVenia Business Hub and provides their contact details.

Incubators & Accelerators: Lagos State has a number of incubators and accelerators scattered across the mainland and island. This resource provides a list for you to choose from.

Co-working spaces: Why rent an expensive office space in Lagos State when you can alternatively co-work depending on your business? Co-working spaces on the mainland and island include 360 Creative Hub, A1-Spaces, African Hub, BVF Office Centre, Capital Square etc.

Access to Capital: Your business idea will translate to an actual business when you have funding to implement your idea. You can find a list of sources to access capital in Lagos State on this resource.

Places to Hangout: Have you ever wondered where entrepreneurs like yourself hang out? Find out entrepreneurial hangout spots in Lagos in this resource.

Enterprise Training: Business success is largely dependent on the business knowledge you have. Thankfully, organisations such as EDC, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos Business School, FATE Foundation etc. provide enterprise trainings in Lagos state. Find out more information in this resource.

Key Events, Meet-ups & Groups: What are the key entrepreneurial events and meet-ups happening in Lagos? Find out more in this resource.

Online News Resources & Newsletters: Get information on online news resources and newsletters for entrepreneurs in Lagos state in this resource.

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Note: This list is constantly being updated, recommendations are welcome.

Kingsley Effiong
A brand & communications specialist with over 3 years of experience in business, organizational and product branding, visual communications, and helping businesses understand and use marketing to grow.
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